25 JUL 2019

4 Bert & Ernie Moments



This week Bert and Ernie comes to Mighty Jaxx! Sesame Street holds a special space in the hearts of many of us and we continue to expand on our XXRAY Plus Sesame Street line with the two best pals from the show. You've seen Elmo and you've seen Big Bird, now see Bert and Ernie like you never have before! 

Full of banter and a friendship that is undying, Bert and Ernie never fails to put a smile on our faces! Walk through our favourite Bert and Ernie moments with us below!

We Can Learn From One Another

Life hacks are probably the best thing to happen to humanity! In this short, Ernie teaches Bert about the versatility of his favourite paper clips. Bert might be the expert but Ernie shows him new ways to appreciate his paper clips.

We all can have something to add even if we aren't experts in a certain topic, so don't count out the ideas your friends might have. You just might learn something new!

Always Being There For Each Other

Ernie isn't interested in playing with paper clips and bottle caps, and Bert feels lonely and upset. While he laments about his situation, Ernie found a simple solution to their predicament - play a game they both like! 

Seeing our friends sad is never a fun thing, lucky for Bert he has Ernie who is always there for him to turn his frown upside down! 


Rhyming isn't unique to Bert and Ernie, but this sketch shows one of the reasons why Bert and Ernie are simply so fun to watch. The way they play off each other always brings smiles to the room and it is especially true in this playful sketch!

The Value of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives. The friendship between Bert and Ernie is a special one, their bond is almost as infamous as the show itself. In this Holiday sketch, Bert and Ernie trade away their most valued possessions to get a gift for each other. The sketch displays a level of emotional maturity we don't usually expect from a children's show but it emphasises how friendship is invaluable and nothing else can compare. Why is the screen getting blurry... No we are not crying, you are!


File:Ernie bert jim frank.jpg
Image Source: FANDOM

Bert is a Hand-Rod Muppet, a puppet which is controlled by both hands. The puppeteer's dominant hand goes into Bert's head, operating his mouth, and at times, facial features. The puppeteer's less dominant hand controls the "arm rods", thin rods connected to Bert's hands.

Ernie is a Live-hand Muppet, the puppeteer operates the head of the puppet with his right hand, inserts his left hand into a T-shaped sleeve, capped off with a glove that matches the fabric "skin" of the puppet, thus "becoming" the left arm of the puppet. A second puppeteer usually provides the right arm, although sometimes the right arm is simply stuffed and pinned to the puppet's chest.

The XXRAY Plus: 9" Bert and XXRAY Plus: 8.5" Ernie drops this Saturday, 27 July 2019, at 9am ET on mightyjaxx.com!
Part of our expanding line of XXRAY Sesame Street art toys that already feature Elmo and Big Bird, get Bert and Ernie a place in your collection!

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