24 MAY 2019

3 Ways To Display I Donut Care (Champagne Edition)



So you're about to get your very own I Donut Care (Champagne Edition) by Abell Octovan, it's a gorgeous vinyl art toy and you wonder to yourself, how could I use this wonderful piece of collectible? The black and gold gives the piece a classy and serious outlook, but it knows how to have fun too as you're about to find out! *Disclaimer: all in good fun, donut take it so seriously*

1. Pen Holder

Realise your stationery is strewn all around the table? No place for a pencil holder because your brand new I Donut Care (Champagne Edition) has taken the last available spot? Let it do double duty! Slot your pens and pencils into the donut hole and make it into a make shift stationery holder! Who says art can't be functional? 

2. Beer Pong

Yep you read that right, beer pong! Add some flair to the game with I Donut Care (Champagne Edition)! Not only does it add a striking visual element to the game, it can even be a golden goal post! Throw the ball into plastic cups? 5 points! Throw the ball into the donut hole? 50 points! Just another way you can add fun to your life with this versatile toy.

3. Display It As Is

Pretty much our favourite way to use it – as a piece of art meant to be displayed. With everything said and done, this wonderful vinyl piece is a show stopper even if it's just standing there by itself. Looking gorgeous anywhere and everywhere, that golden sheen on the donut gently calls attention the entire piece. Admire it, snap photos of it, start conversations with it, it's pretty perfect as is! 

However you intend to display it or use it, this is one designer toy you definitely do not want to miss out on! I Donut Care (Champagne Edition) by Abell Octovan is a 8" vinyl collectible. Finished in a classic black and gold colour combination, flip off the naysayers with this statement piece. 

We highly recommend that you check out some of these yummy pieces in the Mighty Cafe to pair with your new I Donut Care (Champagne Edition)! Nothing beats donuts and coffee in black and gold.

I Donut Care (Champagne Edition) by Abell Octovan drops 22 May at 9am ET! Don't miss the classy second colourway of this fan favourite collectible, only on mightyjaxx.com!